portrays, portraying, portrayed
1) VERB When an actor or actress portrays someone, he or she plays that person in a play or film.

[V n] In 1975 he portrayed the king in a Los Angeles revival of `Camelot'.

[V n] ...the busty and rumbustious Mrs Hall, excellently portrayed by Toni Palmer.

2) VERB When a writer or artist portrays something, he or she writes a description or produces a painting of it.

[V n] ...this northern novelist, who accurately portrays provincial domestic life.

[V n] ...the landscape as portrayed by painters such as Claude and Poussin.

3) VERB If a film, book, or television programme portrays someone in a certain way, it represents them in that way.

[V n as n] She says the programme portrayed her as a `lady of easy virtue'.

[be V-ed] ...complaints about the way women are portrayed in adverts.


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